VC-1 (Airship)

The VC-1 is my design of an airship. I have only been working on this a few days now in my spare time… and a full time job with college leaves hardly any spare time… I am trying to put as much detail as my mind can think up. I do plan on adding wings to the sides, stay tuned.

Anyway… Comments are welcome. BTW, VC means Volant Craft. :stuck_out_tongue:


My only comment is that im currently working on some kindof airship myself right now and already this one looks better!

Curse you.:mad:

I’m still learning how to use Blender… I think this is my… 4th or 5th model. Thanks for letting me know it looks decent so far though. :RocknRoll:

Looking good. I think the spec on your clay material should be lowered, and you will need to add seams to the balloon envelope. But nice job so far.

That’s very good, although the captains wheel is usually on a higher ledge, there should be enough room underneath to fit a door to the captains quarters. Don’t forget to add in trapdoors to the crews quarters.

I will keep that in mind when I begin work on the deck again.

Here’s the latest work. I’m beginning to put together the engine-pulley system. :wink: Nothin like old school Fantasy technology. Believe it or not, I had to do some serious thinking on how to construct this thing… Gears are not easy to make fit together… hence why I haven’t had an update in days…

To those out there that may be trying to make cogs / gears… Just make ONE tooth… and use it for all the gear formations no matter what size. The tooth is what needs to match… As long as its the same size every bigger gear can have more teeth, and every smaller gear have less teeth…


Before I continue any futher with the modeling, i’m going to work on some textures.

Latest progress and wire:


And… we have some texture work. The wood was done using procedures in Blender. (No GIMP work) I’m trying to use a good pallete of colors so the ship’s colors flow together.

C&C are welcome… Don’t mind that anchor on the side of the ship… That’s still being worked on, it’s for holding the air balloon to the ship.


Nice job!
But, unless this is supposed to be way out there fantasy, you need to bring the size of the deck down about 10 or 15 times. The part of airships that people ride or work in make up only a tiny part, because of the hugeness of the balloon needed to occupy the lifting gas’s sacks.

@padfoot: You do have a point there… and it does seem like a lot of space until I add the “bunker”. There will also be supply crates and random stuff laying around the ship taking up more space. Once I get everything onboard it should look even… Although the place-holder AirBag is indeed too small.
Thanks for the comment.

Here’s the latest work. I had about 20 minutes to put together some of the bunker. I’m still deciding on a good design for the door… There will also be a second door leading to the bottom of the ship where the engine room is located.

C&C Welcome


i really like the way you textured it! good job

You gonna add in some artistic design later? Shapes and decorations on the hull, door and verious other pieces in tradition with fantasy airship design?

I do plan on adding desgn details to the ship. But got caught up playing Mass Effect… times flies… :spin:

Anyway, I wanted to get the opinion of the forum on this one… I’ve decided to add a potted plant to the window… Should I make it a small flower… or an over-grown fantasy plant spilling down the side of the ship?


For me, personally, the airship needs to be a whole lot more aerodynamic. I like the style you’re going for, but the bulk of the shape is I believe much too square. Also, it would look better if you made the planks bigger and not so numbered. Good job though. Looking forward to seeing more.

Does this look like a more realistic size?


Good work! If this is your 4th or 5th model in CG ever, I’ll be VERY impressed. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments Lord of the Rings Junkie, and yeah… I don’t have very many Blender projects. This is one of the few.
Added a door to the bunker. The glass is a little transparent, not much though.


I think you should make it look more like a dark ghost ship. That looks kinda like a new build cabin or something. For kids or something where they can play xD

Look at this picture, try making it more like this, less squarish and more dark

Here is the ghost stuff:

You see what this could look like if it was darker and less squarish. Your model would look awesome…

I’m still a Blender noob myself and this is probably the most advance project for me… Getting the wood to form the shape of my ship now was a challenge. Maybe some day I will get good enough to make a nice ghost ship like that but for now I like the style i’m working with now.

Thanks for the comment though :slight_smile: