vcol\vcol light bug

please do the following;
1:add any mesh.
2:add new material
3:hit vcol button
4:click other buttons(any in materials window) double click seems to be worst
5: watch the vcol light button

it selects itself.

i’ve repeated this several times in 2.37 & 2.37a. doesnt happen in 2.36.
reporting now. anyone else care to try to confirm it?

This only happens when I select The raytransp or Raymir buttons.

tried to report it but i’m having trouble logging in at
Rocketman: yeah they seem to do it everytime first click. but i,ve had it happen with shadowless and others. guess a confirmed bug?

somebody able to report it? as i said login trouble. my 56k aint great. could be it.

I submitted it. :slight_smile: See it here:

thanks lemmy. its really bothering me. i use vcol alot.