I made a simple game for practice that i saved as a runtime game I put it on my flashdrive including all of the DLL files, and tried to play it on a library computer just to see how it would work. A dialog box appeared saying the VCOMP90.DLL was missing so i could not play it.


Be sure you included all the MSVC .dlls, these are the .NET framework redistributable libraries, they must be in your Blender directory ( they are at least with the latest version 2.49b ), if the problem persist download and install the .NET framework ( 3.5 will do ) in the computer you are trying to run the executable ( you will find them in the Microsoft sites, but you can just google them with “.NET framework 3.5” )

Cya =)

Look for any missing DLLs in your Blender folder. When you find them, copy the necessary ones to the same folder as your runtime.