VDB only displays a bounding box

I’m using 2.83 experimental new object types. I’ve been able to import some VDBs from Houdini and openvdb.com. Some of them render perfectly, others only show a bounding box. Any idea?

I can confirm that some file sequences do not work properly, only showing a bounding box. I have no real explanation, but an assumption. I recently imported some test simulations from Houdini i did months ago - if i remember correctly some of them where done with the sparse pyro solver…
This could be the culprit - doesn’t the solver save a lot of disk space by compressing the data differently? Might be a feature of VDB that isn’t supported by Blender right now.
I don’t know for sure, it’s just an idea.

I’m not the one who exported from Houdini. I will ask the guy.