VDub - a revisit

Hi all

Just revisiting a project I started ages ago - now I feel I may be able to complete it…
Just going over the mesh and trying to clean bits up - what do you think - do you think it’s worthwhile or should I start from scratch?

Here’s the wire so far:

And a quick render (complete with bad lighting ;)):

Any CC appreciated - ways to improve, should I scrap etc etc :slight_smile:


Added a bonnet and boot - will probably revisit them to tweak at a later date as well :slight_smile:

Looks good man! The hood looks like the real thing! No crits from me. Good luck!

Just a few crits…

Clean up the mesh around the windows and roof pillars. I would suggest adding some edge loops to define the door. You could move the fenders to seperate mesh objects – the Beetle’s fenders were bolted onto the body seperated by a bead of weather stripping.

You should also fix the curvature on bottom of the fenders near the door. Of course, the way they look now remind me a lot of my old '73 Super Beetle after a few ‘unfortunate incidents’ and a couple cans of Bondo! :eyebrowlift:

Thanks for the comments - will be cleaniong the wire as I go :slight_smile:
Made a few changes - needs lots more work :slight_smile: