Ve-e-ery familiar logo.. :)

I see the way for Blender Fundation to get some cash :wink:

You should go there at night and paint a blue circle in the middle… :slight_smile:

haha do it!

I always thought this one was rather similar too :wink:

lol :smiley:
Paint that blue dot! :smiley:

Take em to the cleaners Ton.
Imagine how many Open Source projects it could fund?

:riot: BLUE DOT :riot:
:riot: BLUE DOT :riot:
:riot: BLUE DOT :riot:


If you spray paint a blue dot on that bus, right where it should be, and record yourself doing it, I will donate $100 to the Blender Foundation. Also, I demand to see the tape before I write the check. WHO’S WITH ME!!