Vector blur confusion


I always thought that image based motion blur should work as a post effect. Somehow I feel confused, though, because I can’t get motion blur to work on an image sequence. It works ok if I render an image in my animation and run it through the vector blur node (all in one go), but if I try rendering an image using the sequence editor it won’t work anymore. So I can’t create motion blur on a beforehand rendered image sequence. Which I always thought was the actual point of having image based motion blur for.

Thanks for any help/guidance/corrections

No, there’s no possible way of Blender knowing which way the object is moving, and how fast, unless it knows the velocity of the object, so that’s why you can’t do it in the sequencer.
However, it is possible do it in nodes with a sequence of pre-rendered images, if you also rendered the ‘speed’ as a separate image when you initially rendered it - this shouldn’t take too much time, methinks? :-?

Thanks for the answer. I’ll give it a try. I somehow thought that the movement is figured out completely from the image itself (by comparing with images before and after in a sequence).

this shouldn’t take too much time, methinks?

Probably not, compared to rendering motion blur the original way =)

Thanks again,