Vector Blur doesn't work in composition

Hi, I’m having this problem. I fallowed tutorial by Andrew Price on, about exploding granade and I can’t get my vector blur to work on granade layer. I don’t know why is that. I did everything as he showed, yet still there’s no vector blur on my image. Vector blur is working on the other layer (blow).
I am placing a link to blend file.

Blender 2.59

From what I can see you forgot to plug the image output into the Vector Blur node…

I did plug it. Nothing have changed. Again the same problem with another blend file. I am working on blender 2.59. No vector blur at all.
I searched the net for solvation, but there wasn’t any that could help me. I tried everything.

I’m having this problem too. I have enabled vector blur in both layers, hit render and in compositor it doesn’t work as expected.