Vector blur = grey fuzz in VSE

Hey Guys,

here is an image from an animation I am having issues with

I have rendered out the penguin with vector blur
with buffers saved (FSA 8)

in a different file/scene I have rendered a still BG

I am trying to overlay the penguin image sequence over the still BG in the VSE
but I get a grey fuzz on the penguin
(around his hand etc)

where am I going wrong?


You’re likely having a problem with a premultiplied alpha channel. Run your sequence back through the compositor with a convert alpha node attached and that may clean it up (I haven’t noticed that node working very well). If that doesn’t work then you need to render out the alpha channel (keyed) and combine it with you’re sequence where it will overtake the premultiplied halo.

Why did you move to vse with this anyway?

awesome - you fixed my fuzz!



BTW, when you render this time you can turn off OSA/FSA since you previously sampled the images in your pre-renders. Those settings only apply to what’s being rendered from the camera and will cause you a render time performance hit if not disabled.