Vector blur not working...

Hi, I am trying to get the vector blur feature to work in blender cvs. I am following the page as found here, but its not working. I have downloaded the test file from that page, and it works, so I know my build has the feature to do it.

I have keyframed a cube to move across the screen over a few frames, then followed these instructions (as per link above):

  1. Make sure the RenderLayer has passes “Z” and “Vec” assigned.

  2. In the Compositor add Vector Blur node, and connect the Image, Z and Vector sockets.

  3. Make sure the Vector Blur output socket goes to a Composite Node

  4. Render!

And no blur :frowning: Yet when I put a cube in the demo scene and make it move, it gets a blur!!

Is there something else you have to do that I am missing? I have tried comparing settings to the demo scene and I cant see anything different.


Sorry for bugging you guys, I didnt have “Do Composite” selected :frowning: All working now, I just need more sleep. Maybe that could be added to the list of things you need to do to get it working?