Vector curves beveling

So, I am trying to bevel a bezier curve, to a vector curve. It is not working for some reason. All it does is make a stretched model that doesn’t conform to the shape at all and looks like it has a billion faces against each other. I tried converting the curve to a mesh and the result is even worse. Then I tried using the curve modifier and it gets even worse or doesn’t work at all. Any ideas on why this is happening?

Also, when I set the shape from 3D to 2D then back to 3D, the shape won’t revert back to the 3D form, is this normal or is this a bug?

I would love to upload an image of the issue I’m having but the photo editor just updated yesterday and it is now broken. Awesome quality control there.

What are you trying to do? Or what is the goal your trying to get to? Knowing that first may spark an answer.

Curve objects seem to still have issues. I can’t convert a beveled curve into a mesh in 2.8.

I’m trying to make a frame like the ones you would put around paintings. So I figured the easiest way to make those complex shapes is to make a bezier curve shape of it and bevel it in the form of a rectangle (the vector curve). But when I do, nothing is connecting properly. All it does is distort the curve in all sorts of nonsensical ways or won’t work at all.

I can’t get it to bevel at all.

i have that problem too. sometimes you just have to rotate it many times until you get the desired look.

  1. first have your bezier pattern facing upwards. press 7 in Ortho mode and create your pattern.
  2. then create the curve or rectangle you want to have a bevel. (For me my step was to do it in front mode = press 1 and create the rectangle there).
  3. Then rotate the rectangle back to top mode and apply the bezier there.
  4. Then rotate it back to front mode.

idk, maybe creating omitting #2 would also work.

If i could help, try uploading your blend file here and i’ll see if i can do it.

I did some some test this morning. I was using the June 20th version of Windows 64 and bevel on a curve seemed to be broken. It would work sometimes and not others. I grabbed today’s version, June 23rd and it seems to be working now. I did have to scale down the original profile quite a bit to make it work.

Well, I just downloaded the version that came out today, and the same issue is still there. So now I have no clue what to do at this point. But while I’m here, what’s the function difference between a Nurbs curve and a bezier curve, and is appending curves from another file not a thing?

“N.U.R.B.S. is the abbreviation of Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines. One of the major differences between Bézier objects and NURBS objects is that Bézier curves are approximations. For example, a Bézier circle is an approximation of a circle, whereas a NURBS circle is an exact circle.”
For doing an extrusion either type will work the same.
This is an old tutorial using 2.79.
but the principles work the same.

I did this by taking a default curve going into edit mode and subdividing it. Then moving the points around. I did have to scale it a bit. Initially it seem to come in too large.

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Thank you muchly, kind citizen. It’s finally working. I tried that method you showed with the original file I had and it still wouldn’t work. It wasn’t until I started it over in a new file with the updated blender that it finally started to work. It may have been like the other person said, it was messed up when it came to curves. I dunno. Anyway, I did it over and it’s good to go now. Btw, that method you showed in the image you sent is exactly how I was doing it and it wasn’t working the other times. But still, thanks for taking the time to help though. It’s appreciated.:hugs:

P.S. Is appending, curves from another file not a thing?

Hi, glad it’s working. Not sure about curves from another file. I haven’t tried that. I think the whole approach to curves and their creation could use an overhaul. For example can use the grease pencil curve tool and then turn that into a curve. But when you separate out the curves it seems to break the curve. Any way glad it’s working.