Vector Displacements + Adaptive Subdivision Modifier

I had an idea about using vector displacements in combination with an adaptive subsurf modifier to further improve the result of a standard sculpting workflow.

As I understand the typical workflof for character sculpting is the following:
1.) Create Base-Mesh
2.) Sculpt low- and mid-level detail with Dyntopo
3.) Retopologize
5.) Rig, UV-Unwrap, Animate, Texturepaint retopologized mesh
4.) Sculpt high-level detail with multiresolution modifier
5.) Bake all different maps from high-detail to low-poly mesh

Am I right so far?

My idea was to bake a vector displacement map in step 5 and use an adaptive subsurf modifier on the low-poly mesh. I could think of some useful usecases for this technique. For example in a scene with a big crowd of people or creatures and some near face shots. The vector displacement would increase the detail realism and the adaptive subsurf would be responsible for not further increasing the rendertime when the detail is not needed.

I think that by now baking of vector displacement maps is not natively supported in blender but there exist some node groups and scripts to achieve this:,
Or is there even planned a support of vector displacement baking with Cycles in the future?

Nobody with any thougts on this idea?