vector format export

Hi all,

I’m wondering about an export in a vector format file (.eps, .ai, .svg) of a blender scene ?
It looks like it is not available (yet) but I may miss specific python pluggins. Thank you for possible clarifications.


you can just render a scene, and take the bit map, import it into inkscape… then Click on paths>>Trace bitmap with the image selected.(f1 to get into select mode).

Then you can save it as SVG, ai, eps, ps, etc…inkscape supports lots of export formats.

I use swftools to make SWF animations.

ok thanks, but I was thinking of the outline of the scene. For instance, click on the png image of this link (DiffCatia3DSb.png):

The object is originally fully 3D and then, there is an option to render it while keeping outlines only and removing hidden lines (which is pretty powerful). I wanted to know if blender offers such capabilities (if no, can it be expected soon ?).

Thank you

You can use Freestyle branch and svgwriter style module for that purpose. (Though I can’t see your image…)

You can Download Freestyle build of blender from

And You can Download svgwriter style module from the link below.

You can get more detailed information from Freestyle branch thread of this forum.

Thank you.

ok, sorry attached is the image (it is a png but originally is a real vector format file with strokes…):

I’ll give a try to your suggestions soon even though I am not a Python expert

Thank you for the image.
Now I can understand what you want to do and I think Freestyle can do just what you want.

Freestyle itself is not a python plugin, but it use python as style module.
So any of experience with python may be useful.


PantoGraph is a prototype for a vector rendering engine…