Vector imports for logos

I’m new to blender. I used to do AutoCad. Iam trying to figure out import of a vector logo, svg or ai files to use as extruded parts in Blender. I can get the svg files in, but don’t know how to get them to exrude. Also the middles of letters are filled.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
michael Gorges

press F9 to set the buttons window to the editing view if you are not there already. In the “Curve and Surface” panel there is a spinner letting you set the extrude level.

If your letters are filled, it’s because the curves for the text were probably set a separate objects. For instance with an “O” you have an inner and outer circle. But they are treated as separate objects, so both are filled. You have to join them (Ctrl+J) in order to have the fill to look correct.