Vector Math has no value output

Hi, I’ve found this tutorial which supposedly solves a long suffered problem I had with the pointiness node. Here, with a “Vector Math” node, a cross-product is made from the geometries normal and the bevel node. And then the “Value” output is further processed. My “Vector Math” node has no “Value” output. What am I doing wrong?

You are not doing anything wrong. The output has been changed as of Blender 2.8x.
You can simply put the output of the Cross Product Node through a Vector Math Length Node to get the same value as the tutorial.

Ah, many thanks. I would have never found that.

Edit: Unfortunatelly it doesn’t work. In the material preview I only get somewhat of a result when using subtract, cross product doesn’t work at all. And even with subtract I get no result in the viewport or render only in the material preview.

Edit Edit: My bad, I was in the wrong render engine. didn’t work in Eevee but back in Cycles it works like a charme.
Thanks again.

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