Vector pass and motion blur question

I am trying to composite in After Effects and add in motion blur. I wanted to see if there was a way to render out only the vector pass for every frame, then render out every other frame or every fourth frame of the animation itself. I used interpolation software to create the in between frames to try to speed up the process a bit. But the interpolation software struggles with motion blur. Can I get the vector pass of every frame and apply it to the rendered frames and interpolated frames when compositing. Thanks everyone

The moblur pass works properly if the pixel values and positions match per frame. The way you are trying to game it won’t work.

Try rendering every other frame with the motion blur pass, apply the motion blur in AFX, then use the interpolator to get the inbetweens. I am assuming you are trying to use something like the FlowFrames app.

I tried that first. The interpolation works fine except for any part with motion blur. It gets the rest of the scene right, just not the moving thing. After some more experimentation I will return. Thank you

What app are you using for interpolation?


Did you try any optical flow interpolation method instead of a machine learning based solution?

No i havent. Suggestions on a program? Something fast?

Nuke, Fusion and Davinci Resolve have that feature.