vector renderer for blender (swf,svg)

What is the best vector renderer for blender that can render to svg or maybe even to swf? I have found Pantograph but seems alomst impossible to install it on windows. So is there a good one that plays nice with windows?

check out swflender. it is a home brewed version of blender that will render to swf.

Where to get swflender please just give the link.

I don’t even remember who made it, so I would just have to google for it, which can be done by anyone.

This is a genuine opportunity/need for blender. I recall seeing sflender’s output and it was an excellent start, but to be truly effective it needed to keep vector entities “alive” and moving between frames via keyframing. IIRC, it created a new vector set for every output frame making for a sometimes choppy, and definitely more data-heavy, result. I may be wrong, tho.

This should be a suggestion for a Google SOC project, eh?

EDIT: oh, and the forum link:
EDIT #2: also see VRM:

Just about every flash vector renderer renders single frames. I think its close to impossible to implement it the way you want it.

The only thing I was thinking is to uniquely identify every face that’s visible to the camera and as possible simply keyframe the 2D outline that’s generated from it for the duration of its “life” (changing vertex locations to match the next frame - would require every frame to be a keyframe, likely) rather than generating a new 2D outline of each for every frame. Fills and proper z-ordered overlapping to make it appear right.(?) Probably not possible like you say… the author of the above-linked VRM script sounds like he’s thot this thru a lot - esp with the OGL2PS idea. This is essentially what the OpenGL is doing to produce screen output, only rasterized, isn’t it? (not the keyframing stuff, but… okay I’m rambling on and only increasing my display of ignorance…)

It looks as if the sflender’s author was using toon-shaded colors, then outlining them with some kind of trace function - a vector-to-bitmap-to-vector flow? … I dunno. Makes my head hurt.:spin: Shutting up now. :rolleyes: