Vector speed on fluids

Hello, my name is Lalegion and I’m and independent filmmaker who has been working in 3d and compositing for more than 15 years. Recently I have switched all my work from Windows/Adobe/Autodesk/Others to Linux/Blender.
I’m totally blown away by this software and discovering new things everyday (coming from 3dsMax by the way).

I use to work for a video production company and we have this client who has a boat rental and want to make a video to promote their new fleet of yachts. Ok the thing is that the idea of the client is to make the yacht emerge from under water to create some impact. So, we had to prepare some kind of visual elements as a preview to the client and after some learning and testing I managed to produce something of an “OK” quality to use as a concept.

Because this demo has to be done in only a couple of days, I didn’t model a yacht but instead found a model in blendswap.
Here is a link of the simulation:

Here comes the part where I’m blocked.
I didn’t care much about materials or render because as I mentioned before the purpose of the video was to illustrate an idea. But I found out that vector speed data was produced for the main mesh of the simulation fluid but not for the fluid particles.
The simulation was:
Domain real world size: 10 meters.
Subdivisions: 2
Generate particles: 0.300
Frames: 300
Start and End time set to: 0 and 10 respectively (for 30 fps)
Generate speed vector: on

Of course I have set on the “vector” on the render passes.

So my question is if there is a way I could generate vector speed data for a fluid simulation including the particles of the fluid to use with the vector blur node.

I apologize in advance for the long text but I wanted to give you guys a bit of a background of my work and myself.
Thanks, Lalegion.