Vector Works and Blender

:slight_smile: Hello!

Has anybody tried to export vector works (CAD) drawings into blender yet??

Vector Works can export .dxf but I would prefer a straight import option into blender… :-?

Any ideas? %|


Blender imports dxf directly. Always has. Go to FILE>IMPORT and then select your dxf file and open.


Hm I tried this…the results are not very convincing…
If I look at the exported file in autocad its fine…if I import it into blender its as mess… :-?

try the IGES export of VW … should work for most architectural stuff.
Maybe try to convert the DXF to VRML first and then import to Blender …
Using the more advances toolset for surface modeling, you could try a seperate conversion tool.

good luck

sheltem, wondering what your solution is/was.

I have tried flash mx and freehand with no luck :frowning: