Vectorian Giotto - Flash Vector Animation Tool

I was looking for a nice tool for vector animations and wasn’t too happy with Synfig Studio and stumbled upon Giotto.

It’s not OpenSource, but it’s free and a quick forum search revealed there’s no post for it yet and I can quite recommend it so far.
There are some rough edges in the workflow, other than that it’s quite similar to Adobe Flash, but no coding, it’s artist oriented - it fully supports ActionScript 2.0 though.
So far I quite like it, the feature list is sweet too:

VECTOR DRAWING TOOLS – Powerful Scalable Graphics Drawing

ANIMATION – Full Power of Flash at Your Fingertips

MOVIE ORGANIZATION – Re-use and Customize Existing Elements

If anyone knows of another, better and free alternative I am all ears :slight_smile:

That is a nice find. But dang is the interface slow on my machine. I added a single 1024x768 jpg to the stage and performance dropped to a crawl. I couldn’t barely scrub the timeline. I realize this is a vector tool but I still thought this was a valid test. I may play around with this some more. I did a lot of Flash work before Action Script 3.0 came out. Then I just moved on and abandoned Flash (mo Blender…mo Blender…its my Birthday…its my Birthday).

Scrubbing seems to work badly in general, it doesn’t seem to depend on vector or raster graphics.
With a 1280x720px bitmap and a vector in front scrubbing is crap, playback works and inc/dec frames with cursor keys.
But no matter if you use a vector object or a raster graphic, scrubbing sucks.

But overall, considering it’s free, supports AS2.0 and produces flash movies I find it a grand asset.
For tiny, puny games, banners, small movie clips and such it’s more than sufficient.

Would be sweet if it could import SVG too, the editing is not as good as I’d like it to be, being used to Inkscape, which itself is not ideal :slight_smile:

WOW, I had no idea that someone would develop such a monster for free!
I’ve been using SwishMax and will download it for sure.
Has to run on VirtualBox because I’m on a Mac :slight_smile:

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