VEGETA - A short animation test........

(Riskbreaker) #1

Hey people,

i did a anim-test on Vegeta a while back, i know theres more than a couple of artifacts, just thought it would be good for the community to see.

Im thinking of extending this anim though, to about another 3 minutes.

anyways, here it is…you can click the thumbnail to view it or right click it and save it…

-:Dfekt Studio:-

(S68) #2

:frowning: 404 :frowning:


(Stungun) #3

Yeah, error404 man, please fix this

a Vegeta animation is something I was always planning to do, but I
wasn’t up to it yet. But now I got the skills, I still haven’t made time to
give it a shot. I’d love to see your try so, please fix the error :smiley:


(Riskbreaker) #4

Doesnt work???


Alrighty then, try now, I …think i fixed it…well it seems to work for me…

(Stungun) #5

it’s pretty cool!

some things you could do to make it look better

  • make the character (especially the clothing) less shiny

  • try to use halo’s for the aura with a flame-ish kind of texture - - that
    instead of the more cartoonish kind of aura which is seen now
    if you’d make these changes i think it’d be great
    besides these things i love it

  • Stungun
    a former DBZ addict

(Kid Tripod) #6

such a shame - vegeta getting killed by mah join boo

Piccolo - “No - it can’t be, he’s still alive!”

love it

(Vidigiani) #7

Just wanted to mention that Norton Anti-virus found a virus when I hit this site. The virus was JS.Seeker… be careful.

(Riskbreaker) #8

aw crap…a virus!? :o

im gonna have to do a little clean up :x …