(blender_man) #1

Here’s some pictures of a project I’m working.

The light’s a bit strong on the first two and the other two are just a quick scene I did to see him in an enivironment.
I’m working up to an animation.

any comments or crtisism welcome!!


(rogerm3d) #2

cool cant wait to see the animation. But how bout more of a cartoon look
instead of a very 3d program made look.

(BgDM) #3

First off, great modelling! Absolutely excellent job there.

Now, the materials really need some work. I’m no Dragonball-Z expert, but turn down the specularity on the hair and the clothes. Way too shiny. Needs some texturing as well. Just some bump and dirt.

Other than that, this is great. Waiting for the anim as well.


edit: Forgot to mention, he has no depth to him either. I don’t know if that is intentional, but in the image where you have him on the mountain, he looks like he is very flat. Thicken him up some.

(pofo) #4

Great model. Love those hands.

I think I agree with BgDM on all points.

  1. pofo

(blender_man) #5

Yeah your right, i’m already workin on the face bumb map but to tell the truth I was a bit fed up with the whole thing, I’ve been workin on it since I finished my exams (I got another week until i’m back ) and was kinda rushing so didn’t really have the heart to start the material side. It definetly needs some dirt, coz the high specularity coupled with no dirt makes it look a bit like a action figure.

The eyes…we’ll theyre aren’t really any , i’m bit puzzled about how i’m gonna do it, 3d eyes don’t work with this figure any ideas?

Its a really complicated mesh now (i’ll post a mesh version) and I was thinking of rigging it by using bones and then key vertices to tidy up each pose?

I’m thinking of doing 2 animations the first one will be a more serious one and the second one will be more jokey

Ps the cartoon look would be preety cool i’ll have to look up cel shading though


(Pooba) #6

Wow! That’s really good modeling, he just looks way to shiny! :smiley:

(rogerm3d) #7

maybe for the eyes you could use a plane/eye shape (flat by the way
with a eye texture. Or maybe their could be a very small amount of rounding or whatever.