Vegetation addon tree, plant, and animation!

it’s ok :wink:

Vegetation Addon
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Same question as above: I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find closeup images of all the library of assets. It’s very difficult to judge if they are good or not. I’ve bought Botaniq and those are really not meant for closeup so I would like to know if these ones are any better.

Thank you for your message.
it is difficult to provide more than 400 very high definition images. but I can assure you that the assets are of very good quality.
User feedback is plentiful: Botaniq is perfect for background plants. Vegetation is ideal for foreground plants.
the trees have a better quality and the details are more numerous.

look at the gallery (at the bottom of the page)

you will see the quality of the scenes you can do :slight_smile:

just 2 or 3 exemple for the quality of asset :