Veggie Project here.. need some help pls

Hello, organic renders are quite a thing. :seedling:

Therefore I’m trying to improve my nature and vegetation skills, by adding this project to my portfolio.

So far I managed to achieve this point, which seems like a fairly okay render.

But I’m not really convinced :thinking:

Solid view… work in process :mag::eyes:

Any critic and advice to improve the realism :camera:
is highly welcome ! thank you. ^^


Hi SVS! I’m no expert on veggies but I do see the bell peppers could need some sss and colour variation (A bell pepper is not one colour). Do you have any translucency on the leaves? I also get the idea that the roughness on the leaves is to low. The green is also a bit dark. Have a good look at reference material.

I hope that helps

Reference from Google:



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Well, I think that the leaves are a little shinier than they probably should be, and the vegetables themselves not quite shiny enough. Could this actually be a plot of veggies? My eye could be convinced.

But also – I’m probably never going to be looking at bell peppers from eye level, and so I suggest that you should try a different camera angle too. Details might seem a little less important when viewed from a more typical POV.

Don’t be too hard on yourself – these plants look pretty darned good right now!:+1:

I would put a noise bump on the dirt, to give it more detail.
make the paprika’s (i know them as paprika’s) shinier and more color full.
put an ao texture on the fences(or a bit of dirt, it’s to clean/white as a whole).
maybe tune down the spec of the leaves, looking at the dirt it didn’t rain so they shine to much.

you may add subsurface scattering effect on the leaves and fruits.

less glossiness on the leaves, more SSS, some variations on the peppers, a texture on the fence… and random details to the ground. :mag: :eyes:

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