vehicle and ragdoll simulation?

I need information on how to put together a car and truck with the bullet physics. Are there any working demonstrations or guides? Can we set up the armatures to use rag doll physics? If so, please link me to the information.

I found this tutorial, but the example blender file dose not seem to work. The car keeps jumping up in the air.

Well, I fixed it. seems that it was made before blender 2.48. I just had to adjust the physics settings for the wheels and the car body. Now if only I can get the rag doll stuff working.

its called search. even on youtube there is a ragdoll tutorial. suprisingly, you just have to search “ragdoll tutorial”

They are just using hinged constraints. What I asked for is rag doll physics with an armature. From what I found searching before posting was that it does not exist or it is not documented.

Ah I see what you mean. Sorry I thought you were looking for the classic style of ragdoll. But there is still a thread about ragdoll with armeratures. I can’t find it. Its a worm that you could control and has multiple armerature ragoll parts.

Oh! I think I saw something about a worm in the release notes for 2.48, I will look now, thanks.

Ridgid body armatures? If it is possible could someone please tell me how to do it? I have no clue. :confused: