Vehicle control question

Hello, I recently modelled this motorcycle, I stabalized the physics of the entire vehicle, and everything is working fine so far. I would just like to know the best way to set this up for motion control, using physics of the back tire giving force to every other object while the front tire actually steers, thanks…

It would probably be best to use torque. But for some reason the physics of compound objects do not seem to work yet. Turn of the “Show Physics Visualization” option and you will see that the physics of the physical bounds of the tire does not rotate.:confused:
May be a bug? Does not seem to work for 2.49b either.:frowning:

lol, that is interesting, I will check it out, thanks, i thought tourque would work also, because I know a lot of physics, with tourque applied to mass= movement. I thought that was weird also, wtf?