Vehicle Damage (Low Poly)

I’m developing a game with Unity- and it’s heavily based on driving.

As of now damage models are done with armature- however to my knowledge this will only move vertices along a single axis.

Is there a way to for example model out the car- then copy said car and remodel it to a damaged state.
Then have some sort of Modifier (or similar) that allows you to “fade” inbetween these 2 models?

Or if someone has experience with this themselves and already knows a good way, please share! :slight_smile:

It sounds like you are describing “shape keys”. They allow to deform a model in multiple different ways and fade between each version. They are usually used mostly for character rigs and facial expressions, but I think they could work for damage too, provided the game engine supports them properly.

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Awesome! I just took a quick look at Shape Keys and it looks absolutely perfect for my project!
It also looks really easy to implement into a Unity Project.

Thank you! While I haven’t tested it myself just yet, I’m fairly sure this is the solution.

Usually you don’t use shape keys (morph) for this use case. In most games damage states are manually modeled as a separate models and objects are swaped at the moment of impact. Though there are few games that uses morph (The Crew for example). There’s also full systemic approach with soft-body simulation (BeamNG).