Vehicle enter system?

hello , me and my team are working on a free roam game like gta. i wanted to know , how can i make the char enter a vehicle with out having to change scenes and play with just the car. i tried it with a horse and i parented things, gave them names and they work until they have to touch so the animation of him on the horse is turned on ad the horse starts moving but it doesnt. did i do something wrong? i need help.
ps the horse is just for going small disances i just used it as a test sort of thing.

I done a car in my Game (purposely ignorant use of language)! (and will pass on my learned wisdom :D)

You can use the parent actuator, ghost, so the player becomes parented to the car, then you make the camera change to the (or more in my Humvee’s case) camera that is on the car, whether it be parented or using the camera actuator or the track-to actuator.

Then you .setPosition() the parented player (who is a child of the car [that sounds a little strange]) to an empty that is always parented to the car and is in a place where the player will sit, perhaps the… drivers seat? :stuck_out_tongue: make the empty no collision, it’s only used to position the player. Then use an empty at the outside of the door to place the player when exiting the car…

You will need to use properties to prevent certain things; make a property called “active” on all cameras, set it to 1 when the camera is the active and 0 when it isn’t. perhaps using messages, or horribly, linking the cameras logic together shiver. The purpose of these will be to disable the player controls when the car is active, and vice versa. That’s the basic work-around. you’ll want character animations to make it look nicer, but that’s about it.

Hope that helps (gotta think of a new exiting statement…) :smiley: