Vehicle : Lamborghini Countach (update page 3)

My last car :

Yummy! Looks extremely promissing!

as the others … SPLENDID, BEAUTIFULL … !

bravo speedtiti :slight_smile:

Another masterful car model from the Blender car master.

Exceptional work.


:smiley: Let me take a ride on it!

must have a special mechanic on duty that does body work before changing the oil and transmission fluid. once again the boat style just doesnt work…

thats better speedtiti!
now lets get even more modern (lamborghini).
That is beautiful, nice work.

Nice proportions! Great detail.

The Countach is my favorite Lambo too.

Can’t wait to see the finnished version.

an update :smiley:

wow, amazing work
you wouldnt happen to have a car tutorial in English would you?

I already make a tut on my basic technique.
Look here :

Which blueprints did you use?

I also wanted to model that car, but the blueprints weren’t good

Very nice model. Did you rendered it whith the blender internal engine.

That site that you listed is unavailable a mis-type perhaps?
Anyway the biggest question I had was how to you define things like the door, hood…etc without having really bad artifacts?

Wow, nice job so far. I preferably like the Murcielago Lamborghini better though. But nice job.

Which blueprints did you use?

I find it somewhere here :

Very nice model. Did you rendered it whith the blender internal engine.

yes with Ambient Occlusion, it’s far enought for test render.


It’s still in progress :

And as always, it is still awesome… I know you focus on the model, but could you tell us more about the lighting of this scene? And a close-up ont the logo of the car?

Excellent travail, comme d’habitude :wink:


Merci OlivS.

For this scene, i used only one lamp with ray shadow, the Ambient Occlusion energy set to 3 with sky texture (Ho RGB set to 0.2 and Ze RGB set to 1.0), and a angmap texture and a plane with emit for the reflections.


Another pic :