Vehicle:Mercur XII

My new scene is here

second variant

Wow, I like the feeling of this image.

Maybe you could fill the left part of it with something - plants, rocks or even mountains ?

get the feeling its kind of another planet. so plants would be out of the question.

Some kind of alien plants maybe :expressionless:

I get the feeling that they stopped for a purpose there - maybe show us the reason for that stop.


New version…I added some mountains :slight_smile:

great! The mountains really add a lot to the image.

Oooh - that’s much better. Send it to the Blender Gallery.

very cool picture! Only the tyres of the truck look a bit as if they are made of plastic. apart from that, good job!

the ground look so groovy… did you use duplyvert for the stones?

Realy cool!

Realy f****** great work. I love it - no crits.

cheers Simon


I erased some small bugs and added small moon, for watcher in this scene…

BackBONE:ground is 2d picture on background and some stones are 3d models by hand…

That moon looks strange and out of place. You need to work more on it.

new version

maybe I could make this thread in wip section…