Vehicle Modeling Series WIP

How come I haven’t seen any WIPs on BlenderCookie’s Gyrocopter?

As with the Blender Foundations book, I’m doing an extensive review of the Vehicle Modeling Series on my blog. Hopefully this will motivate you to actually follow along instead of just sitting through it - it is VERY rewarding, I feel a lot more comfortable in modeling already and I’m only through 2 of 7 parts.

Here’s the progress so far (end of part 2, blocking in the shapes. No detailing yet, ha!):

Blog posts:

Part I:
Part II:

Wow, wish I had 50$ to spend on that! I need the experience badly lol. Good luck and good job!

Thanks SpiritOfOnyx, yeah I know what you mean, but I did manage to get this in pre-order with 50% discount so it wasn’t so expensive.

More progress, nose and windshield (aka the easy part) done:

Here in hi-res

This is a tremendous amount of work, and I tend to only manage 1 hour worth of video in one day (meaning it takes me about 4 hours to reproduce 1 hour of video). So I have two more days until I’m done with Part III (detailing the front section) (we’re only missing the bottom but there will be a lot of detail there), when I’ll post more progress. Til then!

Part III, detailing the front, is done!

Link to blog post with info and hi-res images:

Wish me luck, next up is the engine :wink:

Most people who do those tutorials use them to gain understanding about the process of modeling and materials. Showing us how successful you are in completing a tutorial is like showing someone a paint-by-numbers painting, the reaction is going to be subdued, not because the result isn’t cool… but because who is the viewer congratulating; You? or the ability of the original tutor to guide you?

If you make your own design (or find some cool concept art) and show that as a WIP after you’ve completed this one (and extracted all the possible learning elements from it) that will be interesting, because that’s you showing us the fruits of your time doing other tutorials. That’s when you demonstrate your ability as an Artisan.

I hope that didn’t sound flippant and I certainly don’t want to suppress your enthusiasm, good luck on the journey.

Motivation, in the end, comes from within. I reckon quite a lot of people don’t just watch those tutorials for the narrated experience, but likely take notes on terms and keyboard usage. I responded only because you said you were surprised about not seeing more gyrocopter attempts in the WIP section. Imagine if you did… that would be not as great as you think.

However, if suddenly lot’s of new artists started showing up with extraordinary works, when asked ‘where did you learn this magic’ ; answered: “i poked around in blender, but decided to buy this great tutorial…and now i can do all these non derivative works” … now that would be cool, and also great promotion for the team involved in that tutorial.

Anyway, it’s a free world and all that jazz. ( i like your car WIP… you’ll do fine! )