Vehicle Panel Modeling - Edge Loop vs Crease Advice

Hey guys just looking for some advice in regards experiments modeling vehicle panels in regards to Edge Loops vs Solidify Crease.

I’m currently working on a military vehicle covered in panels, similar to military planes. My current panels method has been the standard Edge Split - Solidify - Subsurf + Support Loops. The issue I have with this method is that when working on more intricate curved panels Support Loops can start to cause undesired sharpening in other areas, even with Edge Split Applied. To say the least this becomes fiddly on curved vehicles.

Now experimenting with the Crease, I’ve found that using a Subsurf (1) + Edge Split + Solidfy(Crease) + Subsurf(1) actually allows me to achieve similar results quicker, and in a non-destructive way. There is a catch though, the crease method gives weird intersections sometimes. They kind of taper in, and I don’t understand why.

[TABLE=“class: grid, width: 500, align: center”]


[INDENT=2]Edge Loop


[TABLE=“width: 500”]

Now when rendering from a normal distance you can’t tell unless you start zooming in really close. So my question would be, is it ok to leave intersections like that? Am I just being too OCD about something that is only seen when working on the model?

Upping the Subdivisions on the Crease, reduces the taper, so baking from a high poly to a flat low poly could work. But the Edge Loop on the other hand can stay at a medium-lower poly and result in sharper edges. Although it is more work.

Opinions appreciated.


The way Blender subsurf works now, you have to have a fairly high subdivision level to get things to look good (so your final polycount is even higher than just placing edgeloops near the edges).

While that is not non-destructive, it’s fairly trivial to just dissolve the edgeloops away if you don’t want them anymore.

I don’t mind using edge loops. Although when your panels start taking on more complex curved shapes, and have intersections at different points along the panel. The edge loops can start sharpening undesired areas, which then results in a lot of fiddling and compromising. In terms of flatter panels, using edge loops is quick an easy.

The crease method on the other hand completely avoids those issues. But does require higher subdivision level’s the closer the zoom.