Vehicle Rigs from Blender to UDK (Unreal Dev' Kit)?

*to save you the trouble, my main question is at the bottom
I’ve managed to make basic vehicle rigs (4 wheeled vehicles) and in Blender and import them into UDK as an FBX file. But after programming the controls, the rig doesn’t work properly. Here’s how the rig was setup:

  1. I make a bone called “base” that is parented to the car body,
  2. Then I make 4 children bones, assigned to the wheels individually (named them “wheel_F_R”).
  3. Import to UDK and notice a problem: when you import a rig from Blender to UDK, the *Armature group is imported as another parent bone on top of all the other bones - the Armature group is parented to the “base bone”. I intend to have ONLY the “base” bone as the only parent in the rig and exclude the Armature Group.

I also worked with 3DS Max where importing the rig (made separately) had the car working properly. And the rig setup was imported into UDK like this:
Parent Bone: Base
Children: Wheel_F_R, Wheel_F_L, Wheel_B_L, Wheel_B_R

Question, So does anyone here know how to import a vehicle rig from blender to UDK as an FBX file and get it working properly?

P.S The reason why I’m asking is because I’m temporarily using 3DS Max on a student license. it’s almost expired and there’s no way to renew it. So I’m hoping there’s a solution to importing a vehicle rig from Blender to UDK.

Nevermind my question I found the solution to all these problems. For those that need to know about importing blender vehicle rigs in FBX format to UDK. Take a look at this article:

P.S It might be out of date so back up any scripts you’ll be modifying according to the article.