Vehicle->Sceadu 3 Wheeled Car

Hi Everyone!

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything --anything-- on Elysiun,
much less done anything.

I did this render for an advertisement assignment during a graphic design
class at college. When I turned in the assignment, the render wasn’t all that
great. Fortunately though, I wasn’t graded on that part of the project. Since
class ended, I’ve had some more time to work on it, and greatly improve it.

It is still not totally done. I, of course, want to get some critiques on it, and
I still have some areas to texture. (the back end, where the back wheel
bolts on, etc.)

Here ya go:

Much thanks to X-Warrior for telling me about the bias setting for spot
lights; I had no idea how much better stuff looks with it on!

Ok, my one request: Don’t say anything nice about it! lol.
The only way I can improve it is if you tell me what’s wrong with it.

[email protected]

P.S. Oh yeah, this is actually a real car. My Dad has been designing it for
the past few years, has built the frame, and is currently building the body.
It is intended for production, and will be available… soon. His site is . (go to the site, and you will see the old crappy
render…) :wink:

Pretty good. But it looks more like a trailer. Will have to check out the one your dad’s doing :slight_smile:

Put more detail in the lights. just my $.02