vehicle simulation question--I can't get my vehicle move.

I’ve tried the vehicle sim demo,It’s fun!so I want to build my own vehicle.I followed the tutorial below,
It’s an excellent tutorial,very easy to understand,after it I attached the wheels to vehicle body successfuly.but when I go into the simplest part --control,I failed.The vehicle don’t respond to my key strike.I’ve turned on the debbug info,it seems that ,when i strike uparrow key,an value has been assigned to property ‘force’,but the car just don’move.
I upload my blender file here for help.thanks alot.


citero_cz.blend (207 KB)

I could not find the tires did you created them?

You might want to use the Visual VehicleWrapper.
It is mutch easier to use. No code change necessary.

Go into Game logic panel and set the actuator to simple motion. Next tell it how fast you want it to move along the y-axis in location (.1=.4 is good) If you want it to turn set actuator for rotation around z-axis (positive degrees makes you go left and opposite go right)

thank you for your advice.but this looks not so real as the demo,maybe I should try monster’s suggestion–
Visual VehicleWrapper.
thanks anyway:)

yes,it works fine,vehiclewrapper is a great work.