vehicle: space yacht (final update page 2)


Looks good for something just starting.

You could try doing windows with a bump map of the shape you want to make the frame stick out a bit (or however you choose) and have the alpha map make the area inside the frame as transparent as you want to make the glass. Would save you having to do some akward modelling.

PS. Looks nice :slight_smile:

It’s great. It somehow reminds me the ships of SW ep. 1 and 2. What I would do is add some panels to the hull, not with bumpmapping, but some polygons. And adding some machinery on the engines part (maybe a thruster?) You know, when you start adding more intrincate pieces the ship will become cooler.

A flying rock ship in space! Chill out in the small pockets of space with a guitar and some spazzo aliens!


nice ship. does look like a large space-minibus :slight_smile:

Ah, I almost forgot… make a place from where the pilots can see where they’re going :slight_smile: Could be in the lower part of the front hull


Wow dude, great amagination!!!
Great, just great!!!
The nose still needs some work, and I think something gone wrong
where the engines connect to the wing on the lesft side (the one closer to the hull).
And by the way, is it a subsefr, or is it NURBS?
Anyway dude, you just got to make a tutorial on this baby :slight_smile:



Nice :slight_smile: Just add a little transparency to the windows with an alpha map, throw in some different coloured lights inside and you have a party yacht. Oooooo if you link the lights together and have them orbiting around a fixed point, you can animate and have the different colours coming out the windows and make a Luxury Space Disco Yacht! Disco in zero-g…get yer groove on!

I gess you startes from a box and then extruded/grab/scale
untill you got the basic crude chape, and then pushed subsurf.
Or whas it like this: made one extrude/grab/scale and then pushed subserf
to see how it would look, and then repeat the proccess of
extruding/grabing/scaling and pushing subsurf?
Or was it a one and only push of the subsurf button in the end?


Thanks Marty_D :slight_smile:

Can we see this in an environment with people to help to see the scale of it? Maybe in a basic hanger with some people ready to board?


One thing that seperates a yacht from a cruise ship would be the placement of windows. A person having a yacht built would want the windows in the best window spots. They are usually custom made. You may say that since they are in space no one would need to inclose the hull so much but it may not always be in space (space dock or on the surface). This would require a bit more privacy. I like the idea it’s very cool. If you have a deck plan of each of the decks you could then put the windows in a strategic place (like a big house – yacht is somewhat like that). If you pull back on the number of windows you will see that it looks more custom made and less generic. I would suggest from a modeling standpoint you take a look at high end yachts as a space yacht would be the ultimate in that class.

Just some thoughts


Right now it looks to much like a cruise ship. Maybe make some of the windows longer, and make there to be fewer windows. And definitly add disco!!