Vehicle Template demo - sort of


I’ve made a little demo with Erwin’s vehicle with the intention to
make a template…very basic
So, if people out there want to enter the contest with a vehicle demo feel free
to use it
Well, it’s better to add some interest :slight_smile:
A screenshot?!

The demo?!


looks nice reminds me of crusin’ the world jusw with better graphics

It looks very good, great graphics!

However, the driving is very hard, it’s easy to roll over in corners.

Usually, vehicle games fake the steering in a way so that steering goes very slow. The faster you go, the less you can steer. Also, perhaps tweaking the center of mass (attachHeightLocal?).

err, I don’t get it, my car falls into the ground and I don’t have wheels, I don’t get your axplanation either. please help me :wink:
I just want to get this demo to run.


You have to run it in Erwin’s 2.42 preview build.

Hi!, I’m noob here, and this is my first post. I’m from Spain, so sorry for my English if I have mistakes.

I know this is a old post, but I’ll try anyway.

I did exactly the same by myself, I mean, I took the Erwin’s vehicle and I had a character rigged to make the “turning animation”, but If I set the character as “ACTOR” my fps get down from 60 to 10 fps (more o less) but if I don’t push the “ACTOR” button, my car jump and start to fly, like a colision, you know what I mean, right?

I’ve realized that in your demo, this problem does not exist, you can set the girl like actor or no, it doesn matter works perfectly anyway. Why? What I’m missing? I hope somebody can help me.

By the way, I want to know how to do it to improve my game: THE PAGE IS IN SPANISH :o

Holy shit, funny thing here, i discovered your game earlier tonight and downloaded it and tried it out, thought it was pretty good and was considering posting it here along with the website (which i knew was foreign but didn’t know which language :p) for everyone to take a look etc. And now you’ve registered and posted it :stuck_out_tongue: sorry, it’s just really weird hehe.

Anyway, your problem, i’ve not used Blender for a long while now, and unfortunately i don’t quite get what your saying, you say your FPS goes down when you set the characters as an “actor”? And your car starts to fly around when your characters is NOT a dynamic actor?

OMG! Iam a Noob, please help! What did you do do Blender buttons menus? (Edit, game, materials, etc). Its being dificult to check out your logic system. Is it locked somehow? I just can’t see where it is! Please HELP! :spin:

^ : )) :wink:

Hey! Nice curves… Do you have the driver’s fone number?

Very nice!

Yes, a little weird, hehe.

that’s right. If I set my driver (myself :p) as Actor (ghost), the physics % grow up, I think is because blender star to detect collisions everywhere or something like that, and then the fps go down. But If I don’t set the driver like an actor, blender detect him like a wall, or somenthing, and it starts stranges collisions and it makes my car fly. I thought, ok, blender is that way I can’t do it. But, in OTO’s template, this problem is fixed, and I don’t know how. :frowning:


In the game buttons menu, try to push “link” button to see all the logics bricks.


If I remember well, the driver don’t have faces “collision” enabled
If you need “collision” enabled, try to use the “compound” function in each
Nice work on animations/setup
Keep Blending

Nice, but the car moved too slow. Sooo i turned “Enable All Frames” off and it was much better .:smiley: I got 23 fps. :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you everybody for your support, and thak oto for your help, that was exactly the answer, and I had the same mistake in others part of my game, that’s why I had a low framerate. So I fixed all the “collisions face” and now I have around 60 fps :D:D

I will upload soon, the new version with driver inside the car.

thank you everybody again, this forum is f****n usefull.

P.D. EST if you are talking about my game, u can use “y” like turbo button, lol.

Quite nice ;). I could never figure out how to get inside the car. :o

it’s easy, if it would not, I won’t do it , I’m not so clever :smiley:

I made the car, with the driver inside, and I set the driver as invisible, when I push the button, to get inside de car, the walker is moved to a hidden place, and the driver, set as visible. When I get out of the car, the walker is moved again next to the car, and the driver is set as invisible again.

There is no animation yet. :no:

dude awesome game but why does the car move so slow if someone could tell me how to make it go faster that would be great


Hello Beat170,
this is quite an old thread…?!
What game are you talking about?

I think he means your template, and I agree, it goes slow.

There have been a lot of old thread resurrections lattely or its just my idea?

There have been a lot.