vehicle that i dont know what it is

i havent posted a new topic on the WIPs for ages because iv been wraped up in the game engine, but i felt the need to model and when after almost half an hour of puring over other peoples work, i decided to start with a sphere and do what ever game into my head.

so here is my last half hour of fiddling about.

it is suposed to be some sort of vehicle but i can figure out were to go next.

does anyone have any ideas?

C+C apretiated

thanks in advance



reminds me of the wheels of the mars rover. I’d probably space them out though to give them better handleing.

i hadnt thought about that, a rover. though when looking at it i thought it would be on a lot larger scale.

i think im going to make it into a landing craft for a spaceship, so it can go it space, in the air, on land, and i might model something for it to go in water.

it will be a true all terrain vehicle

ill update soon


well, so far iv added alot of different beams to hold it together and made a small base ship which will fit into all the other terrain vehicles i will model (see above post)

here it is.


hopefully iv finished that vehicle off. iv added some guns to it and also added in a connection port for the little fighter to dock in.

next to model will probably be the vehicle for the sky.