vehicle turning anim

my old model with moving camera :slight_smile: shake effect, DoF etc.

post effects with fusion (DoF, camera shake)


Gorgeous, just purely gorgeous. The model and the texturing look perfect. Oh and very nice camera movement too.

My only nit pick is, that the ground texture seems so flat in comparison on the vehicle.

That’s just awesome! Great texturing work and all the ather stuff too! Work from you make me happy :slight_smile:

looks great! very great! i am not sure about the DoF.

i am very impressed with the light setup and the way how you moved the cam. maybe try to bring in the natural rotation of the hand as well instead of only going up/down and left/right. a rotation along the 3. axis might be good.

amazing work.

The scene is awesome, just that the camera shake seems a little bit too much and yeah, the DoF is a little weird too maybe.

Very nice. I agree about the DOF, it is a little bit too much and makes the model look small.

A couple of the ‘zooms’ are a little off as well. The shaky camera implies a handheld camera, but the first zoom in (at 0:03 sec) goes too quickly and smooth as if it is a zoom or a crane shot as opposed to a handheld ‘walk in’. It can’t be a zoom however, as the subsequent move pans along the vehicle from the close point of view as opposed to pivoting from a further distance (as would happen with a zoomed shot).

The arc over top of the vehicle (0:08 sec) looks wonderfully handheld, but is from an impossible angle to actually be handheld. This sequence ends with the swing back close (0:10 sec) that looks incredibly realisting for a handheld walking move (but again it is walking from a location that is confusing).

The final pull back (0:14 sec) is again too quick and smooth to be a handheld dolly. From the speed, it looks more like a zoom, but a zoom wouldn’t make sense as it doesn’t appear that the focal length changes (affecting DOF) and if it was a zoom, it would imply that the camera was always at a distance which would negate all the close camera moves. (If it really was at a distance, you wouldn’t have a sideways dolly but instead just a camera pan as it turned.)

The handheld effect is quite good, though - it just is apparent that it is a ‘computer’ camera as all the shots can’t possibly fit together in the ‘real’ world.

(Hope everything made sense.)

Very nice. The texturing job is insane and the modeling is great too
It does look like a small toy though. Either from the textures or the modeling. The handheld camera feel also adds to the feeling of a small scale object so thumbs up on that one :wink:

My only crit would be that the DoF did take a bit away from the model when over it and that you can see the ground coming through the tracks on the front left

other than that its awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing

Wow - thats really something! you should really give us a rundown of how the materials are set up (ie. pleease ) og more info on the piece - im really liking it ! :slight_smile:

The DOF on the edges of the viedeo is distorted, at least for me.

And, the model seems tiny due to too much DOF.

i see the same artifacts.

That looks fantastic :o
Well done man.

C00L… :o
Really nice texturing!

That’s Excellent! [!]

COOL! guys, maybe he WANTS it to look like a toy? You ever think of that.

I think someone of endi’s talent does not need to be told the obvious.

Nice job man.


Nice model!! Nice texturing!

A pity about the ground though, needs a better texture, and some
less detailing so it doesn’t take away the focus from the main object.

As the others mention about DOF, I too think it’s a little bit too much.
(read: A lot!) :wink:

Great animation. I like it very much. I especially like the DOF. Don’t know why people are so harsh about DOF. I think it adds something special to the model… :smiley:

I like to DOF too. Nodes I assume.

One of the coolest Blender animations I’ve seen in a while.


I have to agree, Endi. It is a fabulous animation, it’s really beautifull imo. I like the DOF a lot and would love how to do it, if there’s a easy way. Perhaps a empty .blend file with just the DOF setting would be so educational :).

I think the DOF is overdone if it was to be a attempt at super realism, but I think it is a animation where the DOF was added as a test. I love the result. I would also love to be able to make such amazing textures and apply them to a object. I still are terrible in such things.

Overall, great animation, love the texturing, lightning, rendering, everything :). (Sorry to have no focused critiques.)

Just great all together! Nice!

thank you for the replies
yes, this is only a test, a playing with rendering, a learning

I use Dfusion to postprocess: DoF etc.
I save zbuffer from Blender as alpha channel of a render with mist. In Dfusion I convert this to zbuffer. I tried new blender versions that can save Zbuffer really but Dfusion can`t load these files.