Vehicle with AI (self driving) help!!!

Hi. Im trying to make a racing game, but im havnt any experience of phyton.

Can anyone help me with this steps and post a .blend file:

1.make vehicle (it can be simple cube) with vehicle physics

  1. make vehicle script with gears switch, engine sound, acceleration speed value (vehicle power) ( example: accel value 100- car in ten seconds goes about 100kph, if accel value 200-200kph in 10 secs. ( in my game will be car upgrade)…

  2. vehicle AI script with some object AI way

  3. post demo in blend file

I have a ClubSilo demo but its too hard for me, because vehicle uses a lots scripts

Maybe someone can make all scripts in one from ClubSilo. Post demo too if its possible:eek:

Thanks for help. Bad English, sorry for mistakes:D

Learn python. Everyone is not gonna do everything for you, since most people
here are busy doing their own work. This will also save you messing up alot
while making your own game, and will make your games more decent.