Vehicle wrapper doesn't work in blender 2.71?


I am having a problem upon starting the game engine in v2.71 with the vehicle wrapper. When I start the game engine, blender automatically closes without giving a warning of any sort (like ‘not responding’). I have downloaded and tried versions of blender before 2.71, and blender runs perfectly fine. Does anybody how to fix this?


It’s clear that if the game crashes with no version but 2.71, there’s a problem with 2.71. However it may not have anything to do with the Vehicle Wrapper. I’m working on my old computer right now but nevertheless it works fine on my end. I made a basic setup for the Vehicle Wrapper so you could test this out yourself. Here it is:

Edit: Couldn’t leave the code as it was, had to clean up.


Vehicle_wrapper_working_271_WinXP-32bit_cleaner.blend (88.7 KB)

Hi, thanks for the setup. Blender still closes which gives me the impression that there is something wrong with my computer.

Probably, as I just tested the same blend with Windows 7 64bit.