VehiclePhysic/Traffic System | Sistema de Trafego UPBGE - Tutorial+Download


Looks like lots of work.
Well done :slight_smile:
This deserves more attention

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Nice one, Man!

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Do you did for BGE 2.79x?

Not! this was done for UPBGE only. The lack of components in the BGE 2.7x makes everything more difficult.

That’s why I’ve being looking for easier ways, making for BGE 2.79 is not simple. After all, I have made tremendous progress of my game in BGE already (almost finished).

Shifting to UPBGE has being giving me issues.

But, could you be able to make it into spawning vehicles? That is, when only the player car approaches a certain point or location, then traffic will populate in case of huge open-world environment.

I understand! have you ever used another method at BGE for car physics?
I can adapt this script to BGE, but all the adjustments for physics values, speed and everything else. will have to be done by script.

I was working on a spawn system, but I didn’t finish the job.
Yes, it’s possible. You can put some points, where vehicles will be added, using emptys. When the player is near these emptys, activates the logic to add the vehicles.


Yes, I was just using car following an animation (of curve used in shape of the road) to avoid draining more performance especially the logic, because using pulse mode much make my game lags. But I’ve being trying optimising it, and will surely use the advance Traffic AI.

After all, before I was trying to use the AI made by JReo

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But your Physics seems decent and optimised. I would need to use it, the BGE version.

Indeed that’s how I pictured it and designed it.

I was kinda wondering how I could make it using ray cast. But Radar is more effective in making perfect sensor angle and distance. After all, my challenge is crashing because I lib load from separate file. I just see making a lots of Navmesh for all my scene, to and forth the direction of vehicles might use a lot of vertices, causing performance drop. And it’ll be also a challenge.

Well, keep of the good work.

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