VehicleWrapper stuck when speed are 0

i am building a car game with the VehicleWrapper, when the game is start the speed of the car is 0.0002454 (or sometihng like that), and then i can drive and everything is allright, the problem starting if the speed of the car is equal to 0.0, then i cant drive anymore…
when i turn on the Physics on, i see at around the car a whit box, but when the speed is equal to 0 its turn to green and then i cant drive, what its mean that its green and how i can solve the problem?

Turn on “No Sleeping” in the physics panel for your car’s main physics object.

thx, its work!
but now i see that the speed is never round zero, its always 0.000245.
is that mean that my car always move a little bit? could i make it be 0?

Computers don’t like the number zero. You see, the result of:

0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1 - 0.3 =  5.551115123125783e-17

Oops, that wasn’t what we wanted. Close enough though.

Physics engines use lots of floating point math, and tend to have lots of approximations, so you often (aka nearly always) get a small amount of jitter. You can reduce it by increasing substeps, fiddling with masses and a few other bits and bobs. If you can’t see it visually, don’t worry that the number isn’t zero.

thx man! nice to know

I’m wondering when will the day come when 128-bit floats become the new standard. It would increase the accuracy around 18 quintillion times (or maybe less, assuming that the range of numbers would also be pumped up). It would not only mean less unnoticeable offsets like the one in your case, but also prevent most of divergence issues (divisions with near 0). But if I think about it - would it be 2x more computing resource demanding or 18 quintillion times more resource demanding? My brain can’t get to that answer yet.