[Vehicule] Bmw Z3

Hi , second very important project : Z3 :

I start thursday 08 at 13:00 so i think i hake work enaugh for the day :o

I trying to make the rear of the car and i think i’ll do it tomorrow … :slight_smile:
so you can see now what i have made :

[photos deleted, sorry, too old !]

coment are welcome …

Good start [a]drien.

Just to the right of the top of the door gap, towards the rear of the car is a smoothing artifact, apart from that I can’t see anything else wrong.

Top work so far,


Ooh! I hardly know anything about cars, but I just looooove the Z3 (and now the Z4 too!). Looking forward to this one - I’ll be keeping an eye on it :).

Good start [a]drien :smiley:

Try to keep a clear mesh, you have bump on the rear side.



Excellent start. Nothing else to add to what the others have said.


hoooooo !!!

It starts to resemble has something!

so let me your coment
please :smiley:

[Photos deleted, too old. Sorry !]

Just fabulous work. One of the best cars I have seen yet in Blender.

The material in the YAFray render is way too shiny though. Tone it down. Looks like it is all chrome right now.


Hey, nice job.

Coincidentally, I’ve been modeling a BMW Roadster as well. Haven’t got around to posting it yet however.

Keep it up! 8)


I have seen your Stargate modelisation : Nice job.
So post your Roadster render, just to see if i’m my blues prints are good because, i only use 1 blue print (http://www.onnovanbraam.com/index.php?m=blueprints&g=cars&id=bmwcars)
And pictures in google research

I have seen all picture that i possible to see in Blenderwars and i can’t find the roadster.

So you can see we are modeling the same things (StarWars Models !!)


New Yafray Render not the last, just trying to make some realistic materials … too many work again :<

[Photos deleted, too old. Sorry !]

Put a background image, for the reflection.
Make a ground or use light to make shadow.
And set the IOR to 1.00 for the windshild.

Thas all :wink:


Thanks but i try to make a background picture but it doesn’t works …
Come on IRC #blender-fr

thanks for all


First, I love the car,…also, I couldn’t find the bump or the artifact (?) Anyway, as to the background pic, there is more than one way to do it. way is to load it w the buttons provided in the display window. If this method does not work, there is another option. load an image (or a video)onto a plane (size it first) and use it like a backdrop. Hope this works.

Last render befor UV MApping texture for Logo and Last parameters for Yable and materials… don’t Forget Lights !! [>] hé hé

Your coments are Welcome :o

[Photos deleted, too old. Sorry !]

wow thats a great car could you point me to some blue prints for this and other cars if anyone has any links please post them thanks also has anyone got any tut ow to make cars my feeble atempts always fail once again great car all you need now is the textures and to tone the lighting down a bit


Sure, you can find all cars blue prints at :



Last render test made, this time with blender …

[Photos deleted, too old. Sorry !]

some elements are not finished but i contnu to work on it …

keep on blending [a]drien …

french style modeling rox !

schuss ma poule :stuck_out_tongue:

Try the new ambient occlusion and give something to reflect.