Veiwport problems

I’m trying to follow a tutorial to make a toyota celica but am having problems with the different images in the viewports. Whein put a surface on a headlight or something it comes up on the door of the toyota in a different veiwport and all sorts of other places in the rest of the veiwports. I’m sort of new to blender but i don’t know why it’s doing this, and all i am succeeding in dong is frustrating myself,can anyone help?


Hi, can you put here some image?

don’t know how post one

go back to edit post,
press go advanced,
scroll down,
press manage attachments,
upload files from my computer.
make sure the file size is not too big,
you may have to resize or reduce file size in an image editor. (photoshop or gimp or other)

Thanks for that

am not an expert but check if the views are really ‘top,side,front…’. It looks like there migt be a problem + you should ‘sinchronize’ the top, side, front background image - just move one of them until they match…

how do i do that? Shift and middle click moves everything including the planes, vertices etc… so how would i synchronise it?

In the background image tab, you have an x offset and a y offset. These will move the image around without affecting the model in any way. You can also change the size of the image.

Add a cube in front view, adjust the x and z dimensions of the cube to match the image. In the other views that use the x or z axis, adjust the image to match the cube.

Then in top or side view, adjust the y dimension of the cube, and in other views that use the y axis, adjust the image to match the cube.

You may need to make a flipped copy of the image to load into a viewport, to keep z pointing up, y pointing to the rear, and x pointing toward the driver’s side (American style car.) Notice that in your attachment, x (red arrow on widget) is pointing up in one view, to the rear in another view, and to opposite sides of the car in the remaining two views. This can’t be fixed inside Blender, you’ll have to flip or rotate the image in some 2d program like the Gimp or IrfanView.

This hasn’t worked it is still in different places. But it does work if i put the different images on the wrong view, e.g the picture of the front of the car will be in the right place if i put it into side view etc…

At the very top of the blender window, where it says, “file”, “render” ect.
you can grab the header and pull it down to reveal the user prefrences window, or you can change any other window to the user prefs. then click the “view & controls” button, and turn on “view name” this will show you what view you are in (top left corner)
then you will be able to get the right image in the right view,
and tehn you can use your 3d courser to align the views up, ( I like to put the cursoe on the front bumper in the side view, and align it to the bottom of the bumper in side and front view. Then you need to scale the images so they are all proprtional, or as close as posible.
( to scale and move the images around in the view port, use the background image properties panel)