Velcro as soft body sim (2 objects as soft body and collision)

Hi guys, I’m trying to create a soft body sim of velcro, like in this video.

I was looking at rope setups (this one in particular is very helpful - but I realised that I had it backwards.

I now need to make the thicker, bottom piece, as a fairly rigid soft body, and that the smaller object is just an animated collision object that will pull on it. I think.

So, I have a few questions regarding the new approach.

Can I make both objects as soft body and collision objects, so that they affect each other?

If yes, is this overkill?

And also if yes, how in the hell do I set it up?!

Or, do I try and just keyframe the bottom, more rigid part and leave it as a collision object, and animate the top part using the hooks to get some stretch into it as it moves back and forth?

So, I went with animating my collision object using bendy bones, and just starting the animation when the sim hooks meet the collision object, yet, this is the result. The thickness of both inner and outer on the collision object is 0.001, the collision is after the armature and sub div in the modifier stack.

Any ideas as to what I can do to make sure the objects collide correctly?

Edit: How the hell do I upload a GIF here properly?

Since I can’t get my GIF uploaded, I’ll put up some stills and try and explain.

So, the sim has ran for a few frames here, so the soft body droops down into position.

The hooks move up and pull the soft body object towards the collision object, but this is as close as they get to each other.

Until it snaps to this position.

And then it finally pops through.