Veleohomij, reptilian digger, carnivor

Finally I’m done! The veleohomij. Its a creature that comes from Planet Septicon, (life supporting planet that revolves around Alpha Centari)
A carnivours creature, however his long claws and strange teeth arangment are actually best suited for digging trenches in solid stone.

Able to run 90mph
10ft tall
High coordination
Automatic focus abilities for his eyes, can zero in on selected items at will
Automatic ability to locate prey with his eyes.
Has thick skull that can sustain hitting solid rock at around 100mph, also has very strong neck muscles to sustain shock to the rest of it’s body.
Can leap 100ft into the air.
Pack hunter, highly aggressive

I’ve made three models, here’s what I think is my best. My most recent.

here’s my second attempt, I think my apsolute worst

here’s my first, actually rather good, but I wouldn’t recomend the methods I used to create him to anyone. He forze my system several times because he had to many verts and finally I deleted him.

i voted first optoin :stuck_out_tongue: JOKE
the claws they look bit to much like some thing mechanical rather than organic imo

Where is the third option for None of the above…(look realistic)

Needs a lot of texture improving. And I agree that the third attempt is the best one.

The first looked pretty good once posed, in fact it always got good responses. It was a piece of junk compared to number 3, however, number 3 has not been posed so he still has a surreal lifeless look. I’ll go ahead and bone him then have him strike a pose. be back soon…