Vella, Winged Goddess of Vengeance

I present my latest work with a full hd video of about 3 minutes. It is a sculpture conceived and created in Blender exactly one month of work, including video editing and rendering in Cycles of more than 4000 frames, many of them rendered a second time to correct some problems. The mesh, after a final decimate, has about 25,000,000 faces and is obviously printable. The scene uses a set of lights of a dozen between point and area lights in continuous movement. This was necessary to obtain an always interesting illumination of the subject by virtue of the movement of the camera around the sculpture, something otherwise impossible with static lighting. I recommend listening to the video, to those who will do it, with headphones or earphones to appreciate the pathos offered by the soundtrack.


this turned out really good!
For that medallion sculp with tons of characters, did you sculpt each character, placed them and remeshed or did you sculpt it all from one mesh, like the old masters sculpted from one block of marble? :slight_smile:

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Great question and very relevant. Traditional sculpture is made by subtraction, as you said, by obtaining the volumes and forming them from a block. In digital sculpture, generally and at least as far as I know, the opposite happens. Therefore, we proceed by addition, sometimes also by modeling and joining the parts with boolean operations, or even by joining the meshes and applying the voxel remesh. I made this sculpture just like this. Thank you for you interest.

I like the reveal, the shield is a finished work by itself.

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Tahnk you man!