Fan creation of Vellum from Maplestory! I tested the upcoming sculpt vertex colors, and other than a few lag spikes and minor bugs it worked smoothly. Sculpted completely in Blender and rendered with EEVEE.
Artstation post:


Looks Badass! excellent job :smiley:


I love the fact that Zbrush wasn’t touched, it shows how far Blender’s sculpt module has come, we just need those performance boosts that were worked on in patches yet to be committed.

Great job.


Wicked piece love the detail. How was your texturing done in Blender or Substance Painter. Any time-lapse or tutorial in the works for tge future.


Thanks! The painting was done using the upcoming sculpt vertex colors. I downloaded the 2.93 alpha and enabled it under experimental features. Even though the tools are still under development it works much smoother than Blender’s texture and vertex paint. I shared some feedback from my experience on devtalk:
Hope this helps~

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Thank you—I agree, the performance could be greatly improved. With the amount of detail I put into this I had frequent lag spikes in sculpt mode, and everywhere outside of sculpt mode was even slower. I’m looking forward to the upcoming performance boosts on both sculpt and edit mode.

Unfortunately for editmode, there’s currently no immediate plan to speed it up. Sculpt mode performance meanwhile is still very much a topic being talked about (but the devs. can’t get started in earnest until they figure out what an overhauled multires should look like in terms of functionality and workflow).


Really great work, love it.

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This looks awesome! Are these handmade textures or image textures being applied?

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I answered a question earlier how I used sculpt vertex colors to paint the model. Much like texture painting, greyscale images can be used as textured brushes to add more detail. Hope this helps.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

You’re on the #featured row! :+1: