Velociraptor animation

Hey guys, this is my first animation of anything like a raptor so I’m looking for feedback :3 I know the tail animation is wonky. I made the tail out of a simple IK chain and it meant I could only bend it in one direction :confused: If anyone has a better idea on how to rig tails, that would certainly be welcome. So, how does it look?

pretty good animation at the end!

That looks great! Very bird-like and convincing!
I tried something similar here but your animation is clearly superior.
For the tails, I used a spline curve controlled by bones rather than a curve object & spline IK. You even have control over roll with that, and I found that the spline IK tends to have refreshing issues. I wrote a small script to create these bone-driven spine rigs of any given length - I can share that if you like. But my rig is not perfect, it also has situations where you get errors and it is inconvenient to pose. Another method here, which I’ve personally never tried, also claims to give you roll control and can just as well be applied to tails. You could also use the rotation propagation method, which could work as raptor tail are fairly stiff. Each bone copies the rotation of its parent, so if you rotate the tail base a bit, the rest of the tail follows in a curve.

nice job! :smiley: